I’m gonna say it because no one else will

I fucking love horseradish

How am I just now realizing that “C#” is a joke on “C++++”


I’ve been in this field for the majority of my life. Just now realized it.


Anyway vote for dems because it’s a thing you can possibly do to maybe kinda sorta get closer to harm reduction. But it’s going to take so much more than just voting if we will ever see real change.

Do not donate to dem campaigns. They don’t need your money. The system is fucked. The people who need money are mutual aid networks and marginalized people cast aside by society. Not Nancy fucking Pelosi.

I am irate.

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(I know this is just preaching to the choir but like damn yo)

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Staggering how often I’m seeing people think that vocal anger from leftists towards liberals and democrats means that the leftists are for some reason now going to vote republican?? Like we don’t realize what’s going on and think this is not the doing of republicans in the first place? We are mad because dems are impotent, bought and useless. We want actual action. I desperately hope more people realize just how much room there is to the left of US democrats. They are right wing.

So then we're basically cool with the fact that 85% of US counties are unlivable?


Boy, sure seems like “the high road” took us to a place where Roe v Wade is overturned. Aren’t you glad we took THE HIGH ROAD? Can’t have disagreements about things cuz that’s messy. Better to just roll over because what else could POSSIBLY be done?

Liberals 🤦‍♂️

funk rock levels are 91% and rising

(91%) ■■■■■■■■■□


My plan to eat healthier today started off great. Had a nice fruit smoothie bowl for breakfast. For lunch I had a very healthy meal consisting of a biscuit followed by chips and queso dip. For dinner, I decided to go for some more vegetables, so we went to a nearby restaurant where I had a hot pretzel with beer cheese followed by a bacon cheeseburger.

I do not know what happened. I need spinach.

I need approximately 500 pounds of vegetables tomorrow to offset the amount of garbage I’ve eaten today

I have now done research and ordered a new kitchen faucet. There is no going back from this. I am an adult now.

Say a prayer today for @molly0xfff whose fingers will soon be down to nubs from the friction of typing up all these crypto disasters these past few days and the weeks to come

we're seeing bitcoin levels at about 05%

(05%) ■□□□□□□□□□

Once you play it long enough you realize that is a spreadsheet and logistics sim with a bit of shooting aliens thrown in.

Tonight in the D&D game I’m running, my players spent a full hour and a half debating if they would allow the postal service to open a location in their settlement

It was incredible.

Look I'm not saying the internet of things is a good idea, but I *am* saying that I can kick on the air conditioning from my watch while laying in a medically disconcerting position on the couch.

I am

so very tired

of getting spam texts

from political campaigns

And that’s that. I’m officially Funemployed for a few months 😁

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