Staggering how often I’m seeing people think that vocal anger from leftists towards liberals and democrats means that the leftists are for some reason now going to vote republican?? Like we don’t realize what’s going on and think this is not the doing of republicans in the first place? We are mad because dems are impotent, bought and useless. We want actual action. I desperately hope more people realize just how much room there is to the left of US democrats. They are right wing.



(I know this is just preaching to the choir but like damn yo)


Anyway vote for dems because it’s a thing you can possibly do to maybe kinda sorta get closer to harm reduction. But it’s going to take so much more than just voting if we will ever see real change.

Do not donate to dem campaigns. They don’t need your money. The system is fucked. The people who need money are mutual aid networks and marginalized people cast aside by society. Not Nancy fucking Pelosi.

I am irate.

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