I’m gonna say it because no one else will

I fucking love horseradish

@twisterghost dude. You don't even know. Gotta get the good Jewish kind tho, it'll knock your brains out

@shellz_campbell my Jewish mother once got hot grated horseradish for Passover but didn’t tell us. She doesn’t have much of it during the Seder cuz she doesn’t like it. The rest of us were falling out of our chairs gasping for air. I took the rest home with me.

@twisterghost hahaha I have a serious addiction to things that make my head blow off like that, it's the Passover kind for sure.

@shellz_campbell I’m not even much of a huge spicey food kind of person. Like I love spicy but I don’t seek out the spiciest of spicy stuff. But something about the specific way that horseradish hits is just divine. Same with Wasabi (real and fake, since fake is basically just horseradish anyway)

@twisterghost I SO agree, and it is exactly the kind I seek out. It'll clear your sinuses, that's for sure! It's not something I crave all the time but it's totally LEGIT.

@twisterghost I feel like this is some kind of palate sadomasochism lol, there's probably a German word for it.

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