Alright so trying to make a decision about how to approach transitioning to being my “new online identity” on here. Likely going to move servers; AGAIN AGAIN sorry.

Might maintain this acct and just encourage folks to follow a new one cuz I wouldn’t mind keeping this account as a chill space.

It’s confusing because my new identity online already has a _much_ larger following than I’ve ever had elsewhere.

I’ve been doing content creation, starting on TikTok where I have almost 100,000 followers now after just a few months of doing it. Wild. Trying to move more to YouTube as well as a nascent podcast. Also running a very intricate Discord server with several hundred members.

It’s awesome honestly and I’m having a blast and I want to keep doing more. Planning to launch a mastodon instance as a part of it, and bring on folks who are in the Discord, etc.

The main thing is I wanna be back on mastodon as this new persona, while also keeping my personal identity relatively under wraps. I’ve not given out my name, location or job yet and would like to keep that not-super-public. Not a secret just… would rather be known for what I’m doing and as this new name.

Aaaanyway. Idk. Prob will keep this account and just spin up a new server and call it out here for folks who wanna follow me there.

Thoughts appreciated. I’m probably over complicating.

@twisterghost Oh wow, that's really cool! Congrats on your success on TikTok!

@twisterghost I love this part! I really wish more people did this.

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