Laws only matter if there exists at least one person willing to commit violence against you to enforce them. 🕊

Said another way: are we really only doing this shit because a bunch of people would prefer to plug their ears and close their eyes and hide behind this crusty old document?

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Legit question about history and governance (specifically in the US, but possibly more generally):

For what reason do we not completely revise the constitution? It is not holy scripture and was written hundreds of years ago by people whose views on society are now largely unaccepted (e.g. womens rights).

We can amend the constitution sure, but is there any actual historical precedent for the benefits of maintaining a multiple-hundred-year-old constitution versus rewriting it periodically?

Evolution has us out here being smart enough to fuck up our way of life such that we no longer adhere to the lifestyle that evolution worked to get us to be good at.

I'll be doing a lil talk at the GameMaker June Meetup in London, at @LoadingBar on June 24th. I'll be talking about pitching, publishing etc from the lens of Super Rare Games.

If you're an indie dev that uses GameMaker, you should come along! ✨


bummer post 

So we are just supposed to like… go to work today and pretend it’s all fine?

@cyancqueak that’s a rad concept. Is it a custom system or are you building on apocalypse or blades or something?

@thecubemiser yyyyyep. I had one month off between jobs last time but messed my back up pretty back right beforehand so I spent the whole time laid up trying to recover lol

@juergen_hubert oh that sounds like a huge undertaking. Do you run into any issues with things that don’t translate 1:1?

@SymbolicCity that sounds so coooool! Any links or ways I can follow along?

@kaasiand that does look very good! This is so sick, I'm thrilled you get to play around with this thing

@kaasiand I'm SO JEALOUS that you've got a Playdate! I've been on the waitlist for YEARS and I cannot wait to get my hands on one and start building some games!

How has your experience with it been so far?

@caranha oh that's very interesting! So are they making unique procedurally generated villages or trying to replicate the existing in-game algorithm? Any shareable details? Procgen is awesome!

Good morning and also hello

What’s your current project? Tell me about it, I wanna know!

New season in starts tomorrow and the trailer just dropped finally after no info but dang now I see why! This has me so hype

tests are showing mustard levels at 71%

(71%) ■■■■■■■□□□

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